Influence in Days to Come

What has more influence now and in days to come:

Movies or Music?

“Like the Berlin Wall, the seemingly impenetrable colossus of Hollywood, with its enslaving influence on American culture, will someday come crashing down.” I read this in an email report I got from a Christian Ministry. It reminded me of a dream I had about Hollywood being a walled city that would send out it’s movies and influence but wouldn’t allow anyone to come in it (like an animal trap door that only opens one way).

Yet, I had a conversation with my good friend Tim Cone about this topic in light of Mike’s “end time worship movement” teachings. Tim has convinced me with this point: All throughout history, the thing that continues to define every culture and fills our minds is music. It’s only in the last century that visual arts has so rapidly increased. We are musical creatures. Another thing that I realize is: Watching a movie takes time and it takes your complete attention. Yet, music is what you do all time, when you drive, when you work, when you play, when you celebrate, when you grieve. Our lives are based on songs and melodies. Music can express our emotions or even alter and change them completely. Music is powerful, and yes, I believe movies are powerful, but they are only so powerful as the score behind it.

We are oral creatures, not visual creatures. Daniel Lim made this clear in my class on Acts. It’s only in the last few centuries that the visual has really taken off by means of books and the internet and movies etc. In ancient Israel, everybody didn’t have their own personal Torah to take around and read. The printing press was invented in 1440, and before then it was always written out by hand. These scrolls were so rare that there were only one per village and it was their most prized possession, kept in the synagogue at the center of the village. So, if there was only one Torah, how did they learn it? They listened to it read. They learned it by memorization. It was not uncommon in the past to have young, Jewish children memorize large portions of the bible, say, Genesis to Deuteronomy, and many knew more than that. What are we going to do when persecution arises and we won’t have a bible? The answer will lie in how much of it we have stored up in our hearts and memory (Read “Heavenly Man”). A friend of man always says; “Read it before you need it.” So that when the hour of trial and testing comes, not just in the End-Times but in the daily trials, you are prepared and have confidence in God.

Another question: Would you rather be blind or deaf? (really think this through…)

For me, I would definitely rather be blind.

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