Why I Pray/Faith

“At this time we would like to pray for all those in the room who are sick. If you are sick and are in need of healing, we would like you raise your hand and have those in the room pray for you. So, If you are sick, feel free to raise your hand, we believe the Lord wants to heal you.” When I’m not sick, I dread these words. They confront my barrenness in prayer as I hope that nobody raises their hand anywhere near me. Yet, one time nobody near me raised their hand, I was relieved; then convicted. So I choose to get up and pray for somebody across the room. I simply laid my hand on them and prayed. I felt nothing. I felt like my faith was non-existent. I think the pressing question we must ask daily is: DO YOU BELIEVE IN PRAYER? I heard it said once that “It’s our job to lay our simply lay our hand on the sick person and it’s God’s job to heal them.” I embraced this. I began to rethink faith. Maybe faith isn’t something I have to muster up and hope I have enough. No, on the contrary, I began to see faith as simply resigning myself to God and letting Him be who He is. I don’t have to be having a good day to pray for that sick person, all He wants is a willing vessel who will trust and obey. And me laying my hand on that person is the obedience half of my faith; because faith and obedience are inseparable and if they are ever separated, you know there is a corruption somewhere. In fact faith is the source and headwater for all the good streams of obedience. Get the heart right and the actions will follow (Prov. 4:23-27!). Well, off of the bunny trail.The main point is: I don’t have to produce faith, I simply put my hand on that person and say “I trust you, Jesus. Come and heal this person.” You don’t even have to get the words right. You just do it and don’t give up. Even the doing of it is faith itself, at least when proved by perseverance (Luke 18:1-8). I can hear the line from Count of Monte Cristo, “You may not believe in Him, but He believes in you.” That is profound. In my situation I can hear, “You may not have faith to heal the sick and raise the dead, but He does. And He wants to heal that person more than you do.” The more you look at your own resources of faith, you’ll get depressed. But the more you look at Christ, the Great Intercessor and High Priest who is filled with zeal and love for that person, your faith will grow without you realizing it. Don’t measure faith, look at Christ. All you need is a drop, or a mustard seed. We don’t have to pray for our will to be done so that this person gets healed. Jesus invites us to simple faith and says, “So when you pray, say… ‘Your will be done…’ ” (Mt. 6)

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