What is the purpose of music? Is it merely for pleasure? I believe that’s one part of it. Ultimately I’m beginning to think music was made by God to express God, because in His very being He is musical. Biblically (or soundly) I cannot prove this, the only verse I have is a bad one: Gen. 4:21. Hopefully I can make an argument for this. Derek Loux says, “We should learn how to use different styles of music in order to express the different emotions of God.” Well, before the Fall ever happened, what was going on in the throne room? Music! and lots of “Holy Holy Holy”‘s. But there was harps and bowls. and eyes and wings, eyes and wings, eyes and wings!!! O my… Well, Because we are made in His likeness (Gen. 1:26-27), I believe part of that special likeness was in the areas of creativity and reason and music. We are musical beings because He is a musical being. And I don’t think animals are really musicians, no matter how many times children’s movies show otherwise. But, I do believe all creation is singing, shouting (Ps. 65:13), and teaching (Ps. 19:1-2) about the glory of God who has left His imprint in all He has made. I like how C.S Lewis describes the creation of Narnia. There’s a Lion (Aslan) singing and all creation springs into life because of this song. I heard somewhere that every created thing actually has a melody or song to it. I can’t personally prove this, so really I am adding no legitimate weight to my post. Yet, the creativity and dominion He has endowed to man alone (Gen. 2:19). And what an honor! He takes some dust and gives it the breath of life and then sets it over all His creation as the ruler (Ps. 8). We’ve been given His song to sing, so that at our lips things would be created. Songs and words are powerful, they have creative power. (Somebody tell me if this is blasphemy!) Misty once said that “teaching demands listening, but singing invites participation.” That is really good, because we all know the alphabet, but some times I have to sing the alphabet song if someone asks me what comes after Q. Songs get imprinted to our very being. Words are less sticky. How many sermons can you remember and quote from? Not many without getting out a journal. But if you asked me how many songs I can remember and quote, I would have hundreds, if not thousands. I usually always have a song going on in my head. Music is in the air. Sound waves are hitting you at catastrophic proportions every single second. You can’t escape music. Because you were made to sing it. My main point is that music is all about the glory of God and unto the glory of God. It is to express His worth and glory and majesty. When music does this, even more powerful dynamics occur. This is called Worship. Seth Yates had a dream where he could see the blueprints of secular songs. When listened to enough, these songs would re-program the thought processes and patterns of the listener. The song would teach you how to respond to certain situations, how to think about yourself, how to think about women… etc. This is what songs do, they communicate something. And, if agreed with, these songs will change you for better or worse. When they communicate evil things, they lead you into further evil, but if they declare the glory of God, you go from “glory to glory.”    Really, I’m writing this to try to form language on this issue. For the average guy out there, He probably likes the sound of secular music a lot. And I’m even encountering this test right now. I was convicted to ask this question: Why am I listening to this? Why am I watching this? “because I like it…I think God gives all music for our enjoyment and pleasure…” But are you trying to determine your own happiness outside of God? Only God knows what is good for man (Gen. 2:17). I believe all pleasure is profane when it is cut off from God. When any action does not spring in some way from faith in God, it is sin (Rom. 14:23). I don’t think it matters what the action is. (See my post “what is sin?”) Faith is trust in God; Trust that He knows what is best for you and you don’t have to fight for it but leave it to Him. Is this music glorifying to Him? Or is this music about exalting man? Is it about putting man on the platform and saying ‘I am creator’? This is dangerous ground, really dangerous. (Only God is ‘I AM’) I think this pretty much sums up humanism. There are bands out there who are Christians and are very skilled and I liked to listening to, but they have tried to separate their music from their faith. I believe this is like trying to say creation has no creator. Whatever music out there sounds really cool but has no end goal of the glory of God, it’s pretty much like counterfeit music severed and distorted from it’s true source. Lucifer (or Satan) was the chief musician in heaven (Ezekiel?). When he sought to be worshipped he was cast down and he’s been stealing from the Lord ever since. The enemy is bloodthirsty for worship. He is raising up a false worship movement in the earth before Jesus returns and he has yet to release his “greatest hits”. But here’s my point, if Satan can only derive his music from God, why do we run to him to get our ears tingled? I believe there is a better way. I am daring to believe that “the stream of God is full of water” (Ps. 65:9), that since God is the source of all music, He should be the one we search after for new songs and delights. Oh for friends of the Bridegroom to arise who aren’t trying to make much of themselves, but are trying to make much of Jesus and declare His glory in all that they say and sing and play on the guitar. What does it mean to be human? It means to worship God! God is what makes music beautiful and pleasurable. I think worship music is ten times better than all the other music out there (even many “christian” stuff) because my heart is only alive in as much as I worship. (This is why we still sing the Psalms and Hymns of the past and why I think we will sing them for all eternity. Theology and music are inseparable.)  I couldn’t enjoy the Grand Canyon nearly as much if I didn’t know who created it. If music is an end to itself, it is dreadful. But I believe music is pointing to someone. There is a Creator behind the creation! I hope to write more on worship in the future.

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  1. so, i know this is an old post… but it is a good one and I think this is a good topic to come back to over and over and over and over again to be reminded of. amen.

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