I saw McCain and Palin in person! And here’s some thoughts…

(by the way, I think this is my favorite post…)

Well, I woke up at 6am and went to the McCain and Palin rally with Tim Cone. We got there so early and stood with 3,000 others for nearly 4 hours to get in and wait to see them in person and hear them speak and give them our support. We weren’t even the first in line, it showed how committed and dedicated people are to cast their support for the next ruler of this nation. It was wonderful to stand among like-minded people who so strongly stand for the same values that they will sacrifice all to get up and support the man who they believe is worthy to lead the nation into a better, safer, and more prosperous future. Before long, Tim Cone and I found ourselves starting the chant, “Drill, Baby, Drill!” (concerning off-shore drilling of oil to wean our economy off dependence on a foreign supply of oil). As we chanted and were all excited about these two, I told Tim I just wanted to chant, “We want Theocracy!” Because I really do want Theocracy, I want Jesus to reign. Tim told me, “no rest until…”, He was quoting Psalm 132 and I’ve been thinking about that chapter some more today. As I consider all that people will go through to support their candidate, it reminded me of the House of Prayer/Prayer Movement/the Church. I see another group of young people get up at 6 in the morning (and all night and all day) to wait and cry out for a worthy man to receive the kingdom and take the scepter and rule in the midst of His enemies. They cry out for the values of His kingdom and talk about them and evangelize to others about this Candidate, telling others about how awesome this Man is. I would love to see the Church as excited about Jesus as we are excited about McCain and Palin. This position is only a 4 or 8 year position, but how much more is an eternal kingdom that we are waiting for and rising up early for and staying up late for and crying out for and praying for! Will the Church rise up and vote, not just for a temporary candidate, but One who is both God and Man who will rule the whole earth forever? Truly, our vote counts, and in the place of prayer we can usher in that eternal kingdom, where God alone is exalted and everything else is humbled and brought low. Vote for Jesus, He is the only one worthy to receive the earth and reign, only He has the credibility, experience, and expertise to bring the world to rights, for He created it all. “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

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