Favorite Caspian Scene

I just watched the latest Narnia movie, Prince Caspian from “redbox” and felt compelled to share a scene. The battle is raging between the wicked King Miraz and his Telmarine army and Prince Caspian with his Narnian army. The sight looks grim for Caspian and the Narnians as their faith is tested to prove who they will trust in: themselves, sorcery, or the King and Savior, Aslan (The theme is waiting for deliverance). Though they don’t see Aslan yet, He does indeed come through for them, for even the trees who obey his command unloose their roots to rout the Telmarine army. The Telmarines retreat from battle, seeing no signs of victory as all nature is at odds with them (I see this is as very eschatological, just as the Anti-Christ’s kingdom will be torn from him by the God who created the heavens and the earth and the sea and shows His power through them). They run to the bridge of Beruna only to face a very odd sight, Lucy walking up to them on the bridge alone. The army proceeds onward. But to the stun of all, the great lion, Aslan himself, marches up side by side with Lucy on the bridge with a fire of zeal in his eyes. He commands the river and lifts up it’s waves to destroy their army.

I couldn’t help but think of the End-Times all throughout this movie and how weak the church may seem, but not so in God’s eyes. We will be those who overcome Satan, even through death, because of our unwavering commitment to Jesus (Rev. 12:11). But the persecution we shall face will be matched by God’s zealous commitment to judge on our behalf (2 Thess. 1:6-10). The heart beat behind the judgments of the End-Times is the passion of a Bridegroom God who desires unhindered union with His Bride. It is unto God dwelling on the earth in rest and peace with His people (Rev. 21:1-7 and Gen. 2:1-3). He is at war for His bride, and He wants his wedding day (Rev. 19:7). And He’s really going to kill kings and dash nations for you and with you.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Caspian Scene

  1. When I read your post about the scene in Narnia I literally wanted to scream..for real. I really cannot explain it…I guess I was really struck even more with the fact of how jealous Jesus is for His wedding day. I mean…it just blows me away…anyways just wanted to say thanks for posting and I really enjoy reading your posts!


  2. oh, and I forgot to mention that you do not know me. sorry….I hope this not too random for you. I came to ATC this summer and I remember faintly seeing you. Then I came across your blog, and was like ….”I think I know that person…kind of.”
    again just wanted to say thanks

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