I got to give a dollar tonight!

Sun Fresh on Holmes Rd. I stood in line waiting for my turn to buy some frozen pizzas for a movie night at our house. The lady in front of me was up to pay and she counted her dollars with a slight anxiousness, realizing she was a dollar short, coins included. I searched my pockets for any change, not enough. While the lady was deciding what to take out of her cart, I asked the woman at the register if it was possible to pay the remaining debt with my debit card. The woman at the register turned to the distraught lady and told her I wanted to spot her the dollar. She responded shyly and said that she was embarrassed. I told her, “Don’t be embarrassed at all, it’s totally fine, I would love to pay the dollar for you.”

As I swiped my card and hit yes on the machine, and then no, and then yes again, she said the Aaronic Blessing over me, “The Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine on you and give you peace”. “The Lord bless YOU!” I said back. She told me she went to a Grandview Assembly of God Church faithfully since she was in 5th Grade, quite a long time. She left and the woman at the register remarked at what a good thing I did. I told her, “But the Lord has been so good to ME!”. And the woman agreed and recalled how God had recently just gave her a divine appointment at the right place and right time to pick somebody up when their car was broken. How awesome God is, even at the grocery store! He is so good to me, not only in giving me all the money I have and the very shirt on my back, but paying the eternal debt of my sin and purchasing me for God with His blood. May we be struck again with gratitude, He has borne our every burden.

4 thoughts on “I got to give a dollar tonight!

  1. Hi Truman, my name is Caitlin Byrd and yep..you do not know me. I came to ATC this summer and I faintly remember seeing you….I think…Anyways, I came across your blog while looking at other peoples blog from Ihop and I read some of your posts and added you to my blog list….let me know if you are not ok with that.
    Anyway I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your posts. and Thanks!


  2. haha..hi..Truman:
    this story is good.. You are so good.
    Because You have a so wonderful God with me..haha..
    we are so happy..
    take care…
    hope you remember me..
    God Bless you..
    From taipei..

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