Check Out My Latest New Groove I Just Made


It’s in my “free goodies” section. Or you can get it from right here (right click to save to your computer).

Tell me what you think-

10 thoughts on “Check Out My Latest New Groove I Just Made

  1. Well Truman, I think you did a great job considering this was all one take and finished in less than 10 minutes. 🙂 And by the way, drums are courtesy of Joel Sorge.

  2. But I should have taken off the flange residue that’s on the drums when it ends. Oh well, maybe I’ll just start a flange revolution! Hey guys, the Flanger is in!!!

  3. Thats awesome man! I don’t know if you remember me. I did STI a year and a half ago and I always went to your meditation group, and then I met you again at Josh Hawkins house this past summer after you got your MacBook Pro. Love the blog man. Maybe I’ll see ya soon. Peace

  4. Hey Love the beats and such you make..I have a question..We at OHOP have the same keyboards as IHOP but we don’t have that rack thing..are there some background settings I can play with in the mean time with the keyboard??

  5. Hey Jaime,
    Yeah, We at IHOP have a motif ES Rack that we use with a Euro Rack Mixer (to blend the two sound sources together, the controller’s sounds and the rack’s sounds). For more sounds on the CP300 you guys have, I would check out the “XG” Mode. It has a lot of sounds in there. I like the CCPad and the Reverse Feedback Guitar Sound. You can find it by holding down the + and – buttons on the top left of the LCD screen when you have sound #16 selected (XG). That will take you into a category mode where there are a ton of cool sounds. Try layering 2 sounds together and mess around with that more. Just the piano you guys have at OHOP has a lot of potential for cool stuff, seriously.
    Blessings and Grace, Grace to you,

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