Live Webcast of the 2009 Bible Bee Competition in Washington, DC!

Dear Friends,

Good News!  The Final Challenge of the 2009 National Bible Bee Contest will be available for you to view via a live webcast on the National Bible Bee website –  Be sure to mark your calendars and invite your family, friends and neighbors to watch as our children proclaim the Word of God in our Nation’s capital!

The webcast can be viewed live on Friday, November 6, 2009, from 1:30pm – 5:15pm. (EST).  (That’s 12:30pm – 4:15pm in Kansas City)

Please continue to pray for God’s protection and blessing on this inaugural event!

Proclaiming God’s Word and Exalting our Savior!

–Bible Bee Headquarters

3 thoughts on “Live Webcast of the 2009 Bible Bee Competition in Washington, DC!

  1. DUUUUDE! I was secretly watching while taking notes during a meeting and got real excited when you got up, the meeting kind of ended and we all gathered around and watched. We yelled, we cheered, we paced, we ate popcorn, we yelled more, it was great! Way to go Trudawg, you did awesome, spoke the Word with conviction and moved all of us to long for the Word of Christ Jesus to be written on our own hearts!

    That and you DOMINATED both Twitter, and Facebook for about 4 hours. Pretty much EVERYONE was talking, watching, praying and cheering you on ^_^

  2. It was great to meet you at Nationals…(I’m thinking you remember me)…thanks for signing my program.

    I had an idea, it is a bit far reached but I thought maybe you’d be interested…
    Here goes……
    Bible Bee has really impacted my life and my guess would be it has impacted yours. In fact, it was through the
    Bible Bee that I came to Christ. I was wondering you would like to co-write a book with me (you weren’t expecting that) I think that between you getting second and me being a semi-finalist, we could write a book that would sell, offering great lessons for competing with a good spirit.

    I have been praying about this, and I think it would be great to have 2 aspiring missionaries write a book on Bible Bee…

    Pray about it, and God’s will be done!!!!

  3. Truman, you rock man!!! Whispering those scriptures with authority … you commanded the scripture. I’m really proud of you man!!! Great job!!!

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