Embracing Martyrdom

“The testimony of God to humanity, typified in the completion of the martyrdom of the saints, is the primary measuring rod of redemptive history. In other words, the completion of redemptive history happens in context to the completion of the testimony of God, which is typified through the completion of martyrdom.” -John Harrigan

See Mt. 24:9-14 and Rev. 6:9-11

3 thoughts on “Embracing Martyrdom

  1. Thank you Truman. I am praying that I would stand till the end because I know that I am not mature enough to be martyred today, although I believe I probably will be at some point.

    Soli Deo Gloria forever!

  2. personally, the way i see it is that as Christians, we have to live our lives with the thought that martyrdom isn’t something that “some Christians” will experience, but not us. do i believe that being a martyr requires a certain level of spiritual maturity? of course i do, but then again, so does everything else. loving our neighbor as ourselves DEFINITELY requires a certain level of spiritual maturity, because we can all say that’s an easy thing to do, until we have to love those who have spitefully used us or have hurt us in whatever other way. to get back on track, i don’t sit around thinking about being a martyr for God, but if it so happens that i am martyred for God, then so be it. i’m not afraid to die for what i believe, because i already know where i’m going, and i know that this life is most certainly not the end, but rather the beginning. it’s all a matter of perspective.

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