Follow My Uganda Trip

For those who don’t know, I’ve spent the past 2 months in Uganda (and Kenya) helping lead a team of young missionaries through the ACTS school (Antioch Center for Training and Sending). Our desire is to help establish “prayer furnaces” of worship and intercession in strategic areas around and within the 10/40 window as the tip of the arrow in the evangelistic missions movement among unreached peoples. The Lord has been doing marvelous things in our midst that I believe can only be the result of prayer furthering the Great Commission (Mt. 9:37-38). We arrived October 4th and return December 11th. This trip has strengthened in me a resolve to follow the Holy Spirit in the context of praying, Word-saturated communities (Acts 2:42) as He leads us to deny self, embrace the Cross, and display Christ where His name is not named. If you’d like to read some stories from our experiences, I’ve written four blog updates throughout our time in Uganda that can be found at this link.

Grace From Our King,


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