TruLauren Academy

Through our mutual trips to Africa, the Lord knit our hearts with some dear friends in Kenya, Mike and Stellah Wafula. Since 2011, we have partnered with them on a monthly basis to help establish a much-needed school in West Kenya where currently over 100 children (incl. 8 orphans) are learning to read, write, and discover Jesus! Mike and Stellah wanted to name their growing school after us: “TruLauren Academy”. Scroll down to learn more!

~100 children (including 8 orphans whose food and education is provided [April. 2014])

TruLauren Kids Taking Lunch (Early 2013)

Age Groups
-Babies (3-) 25 kids
-Mid Class (3-5) 20 kids
-Top Class (5-8) 30 kids
-Standard 1 (8-10) 20 kids
*Content of learning is ultimately determined by a student’s performance, not age level

5 teachers
1 cook
1 storekeeper/purchaser

Koteko Village near the Malaba Border of Uganda and Kenya (nearest city is Bungoma, 30 miles away)

Classroom (Early 2013)

Classes Taught
-Language (Kiswahili & English)
-Christian Religious Education
-Creative Art
-Physical Outdoor Program
-Social Studies
-Life Skill

Daily School Schedule
7:30am – Arrival and cleaning
8:30am – Classes begin
10am – Porridge snack
12:30-2pm – Lunch
2-4pm – Children over 3 years old have continuing classes while babies nap.

Kids saying hi Feb 2013
The Students Saying, “Hi!” (February 2013)

We Exist
TruLauren Academy exists to bring the hope of the gospel to the community of Koteko Village by providing literacy and education to needy and orphaned children who would otherwise have no access to such things.

Exam Results Celebration (October 2013)
Exam Results Celebration (October 2013)

During the 2013 school year, over 100 children attended TruLauren Academy, learning to read, write, and discover Jesus! Fall assessment exams revealed that these kids excelled in their studies with tests results higher than most Kenyan schools. We are so grateful for all the Lord has done.

Partner With Us Monthly
God has burdened our hearts to reach out to these orphans and needy children, enabling them to “grow in the grace and knowledge” of Jesus (2 Pet. 3:18) so that, whatever their living condition, they may be “rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him” (James 2:5). Because TruLauren Academy requires monthly support to survive, would you consider partnering with our school on a monthly basis to bring food, education, and the good news of Jesus to this community in West Kenya? Lauren and I would love to have you partner with us!

How To Give

1. Tax-deductible check made out to “Truman Falkner Ministries”

2. Non tax-deductible donation via PayPal here

*mail checks to: 11407 Sunnyslope Dr. Kansas City, MO 64134